Private and Couples Sessions

Do you fantasize about being Dominated, or serving at the feet of a powerful Creature? Perhaps letting go while the creative commands of another takes over is something you’d like to try? Maybe you’re interested in learning some BDSM skills, training for submission, exploring a longtime fantasy, or share an exciting experience with your partner?… Schedule a session and find out what it’s like. Individuals as well as couples in all types of relationships are welcome. New, exploring, and experienced clients please apply.

Private Sessions

Minimum 1 hour, up to as long as you prefer.
I recommend two hour sessions to start.

​You must schedule a phone interview prior to booking.
​($50 charge)

Couples & Relationships

Minimum 2 hour sessions for yourself and a partner. All dynamics are welcome.

​You must schedule a phone interview for each participant prior to booking. ($75 covers both)

How To Book a Session

To inquire about pricing and booking: email me to introduce yourself, ask any questions you may have, and let me know a little about what you’re looking for. ​Chemistry matters, and I am not the right Dominant for every person seeking submission.

If through our email exchange you find you’re ready to book a session, you must submit to a phone interview first (cost $50, length approx 30 minutes). This is a one time consultation/screening, and will not be asked of you a second time once it’s complete. Phone consultation is the best way I’ve found to connect and align our expectations prior to meeting in session. It also allows me to gather necessary background information I need to plan an appropriate experience for you. If you are interested in booking a couple’s session, both parties must interview with me (cost $75 total, 30 minutes each). Your phone interview is not considered confirmed until payment has been received. I offer a variety of payment methods online. The charge for this interview covers my time outside of session.

After your interview is complete you may book a session with me. I offer individual sessions for a minimum of one hour, and couple’s sessions for a minimum of two hours. I recommend two hour sessions for most people starting out.

What to Expect from a Session

There are many ways to explore the world of kink, and I provide a variety of BDSM experiences and opportunities.

Note: I am a professional Dominant, not a prostitute. As such I do not offer any type of sex for money — if you don’t know what that means, consider anything ending in the words “sex” or “jobs” to be a good guideline as to what I will not do. Do not ask for such services from me unless you want to be ignored, blocked, and blacklisted.

Broken into its parts “BDSM” stands for:
B&D = Bondage & Discipline
D/s = Dominance & submission
S/m = Sadism & masochism

Below are some types of BDSM activities I offer

Sensual Dominance:
Bondage & Rope
Cigar Play
Foot & Body Worship
Hot Wax
Orgasm Control
Sensory Deprivation
Tease & Denial

Knife Play
​Nipple Clamps
Rough Body Play

Needles & Sutchering
Straight Razor Shave

Cruel Master
​Littles Activities
Pet Play
School Master/Disciplinarian
​Strict Parent
or tell me about your specific fetish fantasy scenario…

Chastity Key Holder
Food Play
Financial Dominance
Forced Femme
Goddess Worship
Humiliation & Degradation
Pet Training & Play
Service Training

Fetish Objects:
Feet, Shoes & Stockings
Harnesses & Straps
Latex, Leather & Lace, Vinyl
Silk & Satin, Nylon
Medical Instruments

if you don’t see what you’re looking for,
contact Creature and ask.