About Creature|Kink


I started working at a woman-owned-and-run sex store in the late 90’s while I was in school for my BFA in acting; thus started my life as a sexuality educator. Through the store I also taught sex toy parties. My favorites were the ones at colleges including Harvard, BU Medical, Tufts, etc. Around that same time I started a gender bending performance troupe and lived in an underground art warehouse with other queers and artists. I produced and performed underground theater professionally until I went to clown school and toured the country for the first time as a puppeteer… but that’s another story.

Though I was exposed to kink and BDSM in those early years, it still took me a long time to embrace exploration of it in my personal relationships (it didn’t help that I had a propensity for dating pretty vanilla, monogamous people for a long while either). After a major relationship in my life ended, I reassessed my wants and needs and jumped headfirst into the BDSM community on my own. I have never looked back. I have learned more about my sensuality and my sexuality through kink that I had in a lifetime without it.

I started out bottoming, and eventually identified as submissive. I made connections in the kink scene around Boston, and demo bottomed at as many fetish con events as I could. I wanted to learn and try out everything (that still hasn’t changed). In 2013 I began writing my kink blog, ABCsOfKink, as a way to merge my experiences in BDSM with my performance art and educator mindsets. Kink imagery had long made its way prominently into many of my performance pieces… Then I toured the country, living in a van with a former D/s partner, performing puppetry in schools by day and crashing kinky affairs across the country by night. I started teaching kink workshops of my own, and through teaching my curiosity about and interest in Dominance awakened. I wrote a solo show entitled “NO SHAME“, and won awards performing it while crossing the country again (this time solo), teaching BDSM workshops to pay for food and gas along the way. I met people who wanted individual and couples’ attention, and so I started offering my services as a BDSM Consultant and Professional Dominant.

I love this work. I am a connection-slut by nature, and my drive to meet people where they are at is absolutely a thread stringing its way through my careers as a performance artist, educator, and Dominant. Without my audience, my students, my clients, my submissives, or my readers I don’t know what reason my creative brain would cling to. As for the name, Creature, I am one through and through. BDSM and Kink education is a passion and a demand to learn through play what our bodies are capable of. I love working with people who are new to the scene, those who are undecided or curious about what’s out there, and those who are experienced and capable. What more can we do in this life but challenge each other and (consensually) explore?